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Jul 29, 2022

This is our first release and we would like to share some great features with you.

Welcome to EpicTopia! 

Our vision is to visualize and socialize the essence of life. Specifically, we help users record and share their long-term journeys or goals, which we call "epics". 
EpicTopia helps you keep a record of your precious memories, connect with people who shared similar experiences, and find solutions that matter to you.

Create your own epics

What is epic? Epic is your long-term journeys, stories, or goals.
You can create your own epics with specific categories, start date, and end date.
You can create multiple epics and manage them on the `Epics` board in the collection section.

Add content in your epics

We visualize each epic in a timeline, where you can add your posts and milestones along the way.
A post can contain

  • Title (optional text) 

  • Description (optional text, up to 2500 characters)

  • Up to 3 images

You can also add milestones to record your significant progress. A milestone contains some text.
In the timeline, the posts and milestones are ordered in time sequence and the create dates are displayed. 
The numbers of posts and milestones of each epic are displayed in the Epics section and epic detail page.

Epic Settings

You could set the following properties for a given epic:

  • Epic name

  • Epic category

  • Start date

  • End date

You can update the epic status:

  • In progress (default)

  • Accomplished

  • Discontinued for other reasons

Additionally, you can delete an epic.

Account Management

You can register in our app through three methods.

  • Regular emails

  • Google

  • Apple (with face recognition as well~)

Don't panic if you forget your password, we can set it back for you through email verification.

If you do not want to create an account, here is good news for you -- you can enter the app without log-in! You will still be able to access our main functions to create epics, but we recommend you create your account to avoid any potential data loss.

Data Storage

We would store your data in the cloud.

You have the right to delete your account. In this case, we will keep your data in 30 days. You can restore it in case you need it.


  • If anything happens, you can go to 'Contact Us' to provide any feedback or ask for help.

  • If you have an issue logging into the app, you can click `ask for help` to contact us.

  • Whenever you register into the app or reset your password, we will send you emails for notification.

  • You can check the app version, our website, the registered email, privacy policy, and terms of use in the app.

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